Tuesday, February 24, 2009

January 26 PALS Meeting Minutes

The following minutes are from the PALS meeting held on January 26, 2009. Managers, please distribute to your club parents prior to the March PALS meeting.

Attendance: Vonnie Anderson, Melissa Rathbun, Wendy Emprimo, Willie Arnwine, Greg Allen, Brandie Hathorn, Clay Hathorn, Christie Tuitsch, Brenda Rempfer, Tandi Dickey, Michele Partin

1. The minutes from the November meeting were read and accepted.
2. Treasury Report – Treasurer was not in attendance. There has been no change in the account other than coke machine money deposited of approximately $73.
3. Concession Stand Committee reported that clubs have been assigned times to work the Stand for the Livestock Show and are planning to work according to schedule. The Committee is working on obtaining the necessary donations of supplies and food. Whataburger has committed to donating all the vegetables as they have done in past years. **Each club should bring 2 large jars of pickles for the concession stand** The Committee will meet again on March 5 at in the courthouse to finalize plans for the livestock show.
4. The status of camp reimbursement payments was discussed. Payments will be made once a new treasurer is in place and set up on the accounts.
5. A motion for Michelle Partin to replace Amy Goodwin as Treasurer was made by Melissa Rathbun, seconded by Wendy Emprimo and approved by vote. Willie will arrange for the signature cards to be changed and supply Michelle with the account information.
6. Food Show awards were paid for by Wendi Green. A motion for reimbursement of award expenses was made, seconded and approved.
7. The upcoming shooting sports training program was discussed. A motion was made by Melissa Rathbun for PALS to send 4 adults (2 archery/2 small bore rifle) at the cost of $110 plus $50 per day per-diem to the course in February. The motion was seconded by Wendy Emprimo and approved by vote. A motion was then made to amend the shooting sports decision to include a 2 year commitment to the county for the adult volunteers that are sent to the training class. This motion was also approved by vote.
8. The Entomology Project competition was discussed. Due to lack of a project leader no practices or meetings have been scheduled prior to the competition on February 24. Brenda Rempfer volunteered to be project coordinator for the Entomology Project. Brenda will begin practices as soon as possible.
9. The County Fashion Show entry deadline is February 2 and competition will be February 10.
10. The next PALS meeting will be March 23 at 6:30p at the Electric CoOp Building.

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