Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Upcoming Meetings...Mark Your Calendar

Mark your calendars for the upcoming meetings that you do not want to miss....

January 15th Concession Committee meeting @ 6:30 at the Down Stairs Mtg Room at the East Entrance of the Cherokee County Courthouse. (Notice location change)

January 26th PALS meeting @ the Cherokee County Electric Coop 6:30pm

Monday, November 17, 2008

Meeting Reminder:

Just a reminder that the next PALS Meeting is scheduled for Next Monday, November 24th. We will once again be meeting in the Community Room at the Cherokee County Electric Co-Op Building. Meeting to begin at 7 PM. Some of the Topics to be covered will be:

1. Stock Show Concession Stand Schedule
2. YES! Camp report & photos
3. Photography Contest report
4. Fundraiser Opportunity and Fund Disbursement
5. Blog Activity report

Hope to see you all there!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

PALS Meeting- September29, 2008

The following minutes are from the PALS meeting held on September 29, 2008. Managers, please distribute to your club parents prior to the November meeting.

Attendance: Vonnie Anderson, Clint Anderson, Deborah Green, Kimberly Griffith, James Hall, Christie Teutsch, Michael Brown, Wendy Emprimo, Angela Parker, Willie Arnwine, Donny Dickey, Tandi Dickey, Mike Penn, Nikki Penn, Melissa Rathbun, Greg Allen, Michile Partin, Royce Traylor, Donna Beavers, Wendi Green
  1. The minutes from the August meeting were read and accepted.

  2. PALS officer positions were discussed and remaining positions were filled. Officers are as follows:
    President - Vonnie Anderson
    Vice President - Melissa Rathbun
    Secretary - Tandi Dickey
    Treasurer - Amy Goodwin
    Parliamentarian - Donny Dickey
    Reporter - Wendy Emprimo

  3. Program leaders are needed for various projects. Anyone can volunteer to lead the programs and all it takes is general interest in the topic. Materials and information is abundant and will be provided. Sign up sheets were passed around and several parents signed up to lead or assist with programs at the county level.

    The following Project Leaders and Committee Leaders have been established:
    Photography: Wendy Emprimo, Food Show: Vonnie Anderson, Fashion Show: Melissa Rathbun, Livestock Judging: Mike Penn, Shooting Sports – Several interested but leader not established, Entomology – James Hall interested but leader not established, Forestry – Darvin Collins, Horse Judging – Nikki Penn, Vet Science – Amy Goodwin, Jr. Master Gardner – Angela Parker, Small Engine Repair – Donny Dickey, Outdoor Living and Rec – no leader established, Bicycle Safety – Angela Parker,Budget Committee – Amy Goodwin

    2009 Awards and Recognition – Deborah Green, Public Relations Committee –Wendy Emprimo, Meeting Facilitation – Vonnie Anderson, Fundraising/Concession Committee – Vonnie Anderson

    If you have an interest in leading a project or joining a committee please do so.

  4. Future PALS meeting dates and methods were discussed. PALS meetings were set for the 4th Monday Every Other Month. These meetings are face-to-face, but there could be conference calling or IM group meetings set up as well.

  5. Concession Stand volunteering and management was discussed and tabled to the Concession Committee. It was agreed that the committee will determine the rules/requirements for club participation as this is our largest fund raiser (over $4,000 per year). If clubs are not willing to participate we may lose this very profitable fund-raiser.

  6. The awards banquet for 2008 has been set for October 18. This banquet will recognize and award participants for the 2007/2008 year.

  7. Several fundraising ideas were discussed. A Fundraising Committee will be created to address fundraising ideas and manage fundraising events. Vonnie Anderson will lead the committee.

  8. The next PALS meeting is set for November 24.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Congratulations to Wendy Emprimo for being awarded
4H Manager of the Year!

Congratulations to Amy Goodwin for being awarded
4H Leader of the Year!

Thanks to all of the parents and adult leaders that have given

so much of their time to help our young people!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

August Minutes

The following minutes are from the PALS meeting held on 8-18-08. Managers, please make sure your parent have access to this before the September meeting. Thank you. :-)

Attendance: Vonnie Anderson, Melissa Rathbun, Willie Arnwine and Wendy Emprimo

1. There was much discussion on how we can get more parental involvement in the PALS organization. It was decided that there will be two mandatory meetings per year for ALL parents. The first will be held September 29th, 2008. All parents are required to be at the Orientation meeting for their children to participate this year. The second mandatory meeting will be held on January 26th 2009. The monthly meetings will be set up as "conference calls." These "meetings" will be held the last Monday of each month. Two representatives from each club will be required to participate in this meeting. If the initial representative is not available, then a substitute needs to take their place. (The location of this meeting will be given later.)

2. A few of the officers were elected. Vonnie Anderson is President, Amy Goodwin will remain Treasurer, Wendy Emprimo is Reporter and Interim Secretary. The other officers will be elected after the September meeting.

3. Willie reported that he needs "Project Leaders" to be available for the entire county. One volunteer will lead a particular project, and will be responsible for getting all information out to any interested party. He will make sure we are in contact with the people we need to talk to, and that we have all of the information we need. In essence this takes Willie out of the "middle man" position.

So far the following have volunteered for these projects:

Vonnie Anderson- Food and Nutrition; shooting
Melissa Rathbun - Fashion Show; Consumer Decision Making
Wendy Emprimo - Photography

4. After some discussion it was decided that due to lack of participation, PALS will reduce camp funding. Instead PALS will help pay SOME entrance fees for the Jr. Stock Show. Their will be requirements that need to met.
As a parent, if your child participates in the Stock Show you MUST help with the Concession Stand for you child to receive partial sponsorship with the entrance fee. You must attend both Mandatory meetings. (If you have a legitimate reason for not attending, please run it by Willie.)

5. Managers, please make sure you turn in your Charter Forms to Willie ASAP. This is something that must now be done every year, by every club.

6. To get more involvement from each club with the Concession Stand a new rule has been suggested, but further action was tabled until a quorum could be gathered.

7. We also discussed many fundraising ideas. One idea was a "Bingo Night." Willie is going to visit the Diboll 4-H club to gather more information, and will report back in September.

8.Willie Arnwine and Melissa Rathbun were elected to the the By Law Committee and the Budget Committee.

Interim Secretary
Wendy Emprimo