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PALS Minutes - November 24, 2008

It has come to my attention that I had not actually posted the minutes for the last PALS meeting. I apologize for the late posting - I thought I had done them and yet...

The following minutes are from the PALS meeting held on November 24, 2008. Managers, please distribute to your club parents prior to the January PALS meeting.

Attendance: Vonnie Anderson, Wendy Emprimo, Willie Arnwine, Tandi Dickey, Melissa Rathbun, Michele Partin, Royce Traylor, Rene McCracken

1. The minutes from the September meeting were read and accepted.
2. Treasury Report – Treasurer was not in attendance. There is approximately $6,000 in the account.
3. Program leaders are still needed for various projects. Anyone can volunteer to lead the programs and all it takes is general interest in the topic. Materials and information is abundant and will be provided. If you have an interest in leading a project or joining a committee please do so.
4. Concession Stand Committee reported that clubs have been assigned times to work the Stand for the Livestock Show. Clubs should submit a schedule of individuals and shifts within their blocks by the January meeting. Volunteers will still be needed, however, especially Saturday night. If you are at the show and available, please stop by and offer to help.
5. Fundraising Committee reported they reviewed several options for fundraising which were passed at this time. They will be setting up a recycling program for printer cartridges and will report when the program is ready. In addition, added snack-sticks to the menu for the Livestock Show Concession. Wendy Emprimo presented an idea for an auction which will be added to the Committee’s next meeting agenda.
6. Yes! Camp Report – Willie Arnwine reported that 113 kids attended Yes! Camp – 11 from Cherokee County. Cherokee County was the 3rd largest county represented. PALS voted and approved reimbursement of $20 per person for those from Cherokee County who attended Yes! Camp and who attend Leadership Lab. This will be distributed via check directly to the attendees.
7. Motion to move PALS meetings to 6:30p was made and approved.
8. Blog Report – Willie Arnwine reported the Blog is being accessed by several areas. This is a positive promotion for our 4H clubs. Security/Privacy was discussed and agreed to keep the blog public but clubs advised to remove last names and/or personal information about the kids for safety reasons.
9. The next PALS meeting will be January 26 at 6:30p at the Electric CoOp Building.

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